Awal Alhassan

Artistic Director and Lead Dancer

(206) 235-5255 | dancewithsohoyini(at)

Our artistic director, Awal Alhassan, has been an ambassador of the Dagomba traditions for as long as he can remember.  Born into a traditional drumming and dancing family in Tamale, Ghana, he has spent his life devoted to the arts of his culture. In addition to his involvement in traditional ceremonies, he has also been extremely involved and passionate in helping to keep his traditions alive.  He has worked with numerous performance groups throughout the world entertaining and educating people of all backgrounds in cultural diversity.  

Awal is especially avid about exposing youth to traditions and culture at an early age.  At home, he single handedly recruited at-risk youth from local schools and created the performance group, Zosimili.  While keeping them out of trouble, this provided children with a community and purpose with which to devote themselves while maintaining cultural traditions that are otherwise in the process of being lost to the younger generation.  

Now, Awal is more passionate than ever.  He strives to create experiences for all communities through classes, residencies, performances, and tours to Ghana. In an increasingly disparate society, Awal feels strongly that it is more important than ever that while embracing our diversity, we connect with our roots.

Mark Stojak

Business Manager

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